Dette er Columbia-platene jeg mangler utenom den ordinære GN-serien. Oppdatert per 16. mai 2023.

Platens katalognummerUtøverTitler
GN 5000Benny Carter med Willie LewisRhythm is our business
All of me
GN 5004Scott Wood and his Six SwingersTiger rag
GN 5005Andy Kirk and his 12 Clouds of JoyWalkin’ and swingin’
Bearcat shuffle
GN 5006Andy Kirk and his 12 Clouds of JoyI’se a muggin’
Until the real thing comes along
GN 5007Scott Wood and his Six SwingersHarlem
Beale Street blues
GN 5008Henry Hall’s MusicmakersApple Blossom
GN 5009Duke EllingtonSophisticated lady
GN 5010Scott Wood and his Six SwingersMeet the boys
Sammy Saxophone
GN 5011Duke EllingtonDown a Caroline lane
I’ve got the world on a string
GN 5013Scott Wood and his Six SwingersHot scotch
Hot scotch
GN 5014Henry Hall and his orchestraThree brass bells
GN 5015Scott Wood and his Six SwingersSpooky takes a holiday
Whoa! Babe!
GN 5016Fletcher Henderson and his orchestraUnderneath the Harlem moon
Honeysuckle Rose
GN 5018Scott Wood and his Six SwingersHot pie
Hot pie
GN 5019Scott Wood and his Six SwingersHot scotch
Hot scotch
GN 5020Joe Loss and his band
Harry Leader and his band
Blue Danube swing
GN 5021Scott Wood and his Six SwingersThe snake charmer
GN 5023Teddy Foster’s Four Hot TrumpsMemories of you
Mama I wanna make rhythm
GN 5024Willie Lewis and his orchestra
Claude Hopkins and his orchestra
Just a mood
Minar mania
GN 5025Scott Wood and his Six SwingersGeorgianna
Night time in Cairo
GN 5026Willie Lewis and his orchestraBasin Street blues
Swing, brothers, swing
GN 5027Scott Wood and his Six SwingersYou’re an education
Who stole the jam?
GN 5028Ady Rosner and his orchestra
Scott Wood and his Six Swingers
Midnight in Harlem
GN 5029Joe Loss and his band
Six Swingers
Alexander’s ragtime band
Hi! Nellie Dean
GN 5031Freddy Valier’s String SwingLaughing at life
Nobody’s sweetheart
GN 5033Ray Ventura and his CollegiansAfter you’ve gone
Bugle call rag
GN 5035Trompettrio
Dicky Wells and his orchestra
I got rhythm
Japanese Sandman
GN 5036Philippe Brun and his Swing BandHarlem swing
College stomp
GN 5040Freddy Valier and his String SwingMoon glow
I found a new baby
GN 5042Eddie Brunner and his orchestraI double dare you
GN 5043Dicky Wells and his orchestraDinah
Nobodys blues but my own
GN 5044Michel Warlop and his orchestraOrgan grinder’s swing
Sweet Sue
GN 5050Count BasieWhat goes up must come down
Don’t worry ’bout me
GN 5051Count BasieAnd the Angels sing
If I didn’t care
GN 5052Albert Ammons
M. L. Lewis
Shout for joy
Bear cat crawl
GN 5053Maxine SullivanBlue skies
Annie Laurie
GN 5054Harry JamesAnd the Angels sing
Got no time
GN 5055Gunnar Sønstevolds Swing FourBel Ami
GN 5056Gunnar Sønstevolds Swing FourHansens siste
GN 5058Harry JamesTain’t what you do
Two o’clock jump
GN 5059Benny Goodman
Bill Coleman
Rose room
GN 5062Count Basie’s Kansas City 7Dickie’s dream
Lester leaps in
GN 5063Benny GoodmanThere’ll be some changes made
Jumpin’ at the woodside
GN 5064Benny Goodman SextetRose room
Flying home
GN 5067Robert Normanns string kvartettFarewell blues
Swingtime in the Rockies
GN 5068Robert Normanns string kvartettLady be good
Someday sweetheart
GN 5069Fred Lange-Nielsen med String Swing
String Swing
I’m gonna sit right down
Opus 5
GN 5070Fred Lange-Nielsen med String SwingTutti Frutti
I can’t give you anything but love
GN 5073String SwingSonny boy
Rhythm is our business
GN 5075Arti Shaw and his stringsSweet Lorraine
GN 5076The Four King SistersGive a little whistle
In the mood
GN 5077H. James and his orchestraAnd then it’s Heaven
This is always
GN 5084Oscar NatzkaSong of the flea
Oh, could I but express in song
GN 5096Kay Davis med Duke EllingtonHy’a Sue
The Creole love call
GN 5103Benny GoodmanKing Porter stomp
La Rosita
GN 5105Benny Goodman Sextet
Benny Goodman
Till Tom special
Down south camp meetin’
GN 5106Harry JamesMelancholy rhapsody
Get happy
GN 5107Sarah VaughanAin’t misbehavin’
Goodnight my love
GN 5109Jimmy Dorsey og hans Dorseyland JazzbandMuskat ramble
That’s a-plenty
FB 3749Victor Silvester?
D.B. 2957Muriel SmithSouth Pacific: Happy talk
South Pacific: Bali ha’i
D.B. 3705Ronnie RonaldeBallad of Davy Crockett
Hair of gold, eyes of blue
D.B. 3798Billie AnthonyThe treasure of love
Sweet old fashioned girl
D.B. 3800Onesime GrosbosandThe left rank
The Sun
D.B. 3835Big Ben Accordion BandRock ‘n’ roll no. 1
Rock ‘n’ roll no. 1
D.B. 3870Norrie Paramor and his orchestraAnastasia
Magic banjo
D.B. 3876Jimmy ParkinsonBut you
D.B. 3882The SquadronairesRock and roll boogie
Right now, right now
D.B. 3951Chuck BerryDeep feeling
School day
D.B. 3970Billie AnthonyIt’s fun finding out about London
D.B. 4066Tony BrentDon’t save your love
The clouds will soon roll by
D.B. 6577Ruby MurrayLet me go lover
Happy days and lonely nights
MC 3437Franco?
DW 5314Die Larrysons?
LB 76??
LN 6??