Dette er Coral-platene jeg mangler. Oppdatert per 11. mai 2023.

Platens katalognummerUtøverTitler
C 91007Karen ChandlerHold me, thrill me, kiss me
One dream
CL 91036Bob CrosbySugar foot strut
At the jazz band ball
CL 91038Bob CrosbyRoyal Garden blues
CL 91045Mary Lou Willams
Billy Taylor
Out of nowhere
Three little words
CL 91090Tommy DorseySentimental me and romantic you
I’m gettin’ sentimental over you
CL 91111Johnny Desmond, Ellen Barton & The McGuire SistersPine tree, pine over me
Cling to me
CL 91112Karen ChandlerPositively no dancin’
Hit the target, baby
CL 91113Jill WhitneyMy friend the ghost
Tulips in the springtime
CL 91115Danny StewartI’ll see you in Hawaii
Hoku Okalani
CL 91117Tommy Duncan and his PlayboysWastin’ your life away
The partin of the ways
CL 91118The ModernairesI know why
That’s you, that’s me, that’s love
CL 91123Theresa BrewerSkinnie Minnie
I had someone else before I had you
CL 91125Billy Williams QuartetSh-boom
Whatever, wherever
CL 91126The Ames Brothers
Jo Ann Greer
Sentimental journey
Sentimental train
CL 91127Kenny BassLighthouse polka
Yukon polka
CL 91133The McGuire Sisters
Johnny Desmond
Sweetheart, goodnight
The high and the mighty
CL 91134The McGuire SistersMuskat ramble
Lonesome polecat
CL 91138Theresa BrewerLet me go lover
Skinnie Minnie
CL 91143The GoofersHearts of stone
You’re the one
CL 91155The Three RaysDance with me, Henry
For sentimental reasons
CL 91160Les BrownSomethings’s gotta give
Saturday night mambo
CL 91161The Ames BrothersWhite Christmas
Winter Wonderland
CL 91167Lawrence Welk and his champagne musicWake the town and tell the people
Ain’t she sweet
CL 91178The ModernairesLet’s dance medley
Let’s dance medley
CL 91182Steve AllenMemories of you
Let’s dance
CL 91192Teresa BrewerA sweet old-fashioned girl
Goodbye, John
CL 91196The McGuire SistersIn the Alps
Weary blues
CL 91206Dick JacobsPetticoats of Portugal
«Song of the vagabond» and «Only a rose»