Amerikansk etikett, representert i Norge fra nyåret 1957 av Brødrene Johnsen AS.

MT 101Rusty Draper: Are you satisfied?
Rusty Draper: Wabash Cannonball
MT 107The Platters: (You’ve got) The magic touch
The Platters: Winner take all
MT 109Frankie Laine: The cry of the wild goose
Frankie Laine: Mule train
MT 112Patti Page: Allegheny Moon
Patti Page: My first formal gown
MT 113Rusty Draper: House of cards
Rusty Draper: Rock and roll Ruby
MT 116Patti Page: Born to be with you
Patti Page: Come rain or come shine
MT 117The Platters: The great pretender
The Platters: Only you
MT 120The Platters: My prayer
The Platters: Heaven on Earth
MT 122Freddie Bell and The Bell Boys: Giddy-up-a ding dong
Freddie Bell and The Bell Boys: I said it and I’m glad
MT 126Sister Rosetta Tharpe: When the Saints go marching in
Sister Rosetta Tharpe: Cain’t no grave hold my body down
MT 130The Platters: It isn’t right
The Platters: You’ll never never know
MT 132Sil Austin: Slow walk
Sil Austin: Wildwood
MT 133Georgia Gibbs: Tra la la
Georgia Gibbs: Morning, noon and night
MT 134Patti Page: Mama from the train
Patti Page: Married I can always get
MT 136David Carroll og hans orkester: Armen’s theme
David Carroll og hans orkester: Baffi
MT 137Rusty Draper: Giant
Rusty Draper: Tiger Lily
MT 139Sarah Vaughan: The banana boat song
Sarah Vaughan: I’ve got a new heartache
MT 140The Crew Cuts: Little by little
The Crew Cuts: Young love
MT 143The Platters: On my word of honor
The Platters: One in a million
MT 146Freddie Bell and The Bell Boys: Take the first train out of town
Freddie Bell and The Bell Boys: Teach you to rock
MT 149Freddie Bell and The Bell Boys: Big bad wolf
Freddie Bell and The Bell Boys: Rockin’ the polonaise
MN 1001Joy Layne: Your wild heart
Joy Layne: Dum-dum
MN 1002Rusty Draper: Let’s go calypso
Rusty Draper: Should I ever love again
MN 1003Patti Page: A poor man’s roses
Patti Page: The wall
MN 1004Nino Anthony: Without him
Nino Anthony: I’ve got a lot o’love in my heart
MN 1005Joy Layne: You gave me wings to fly
Joy Layne: After school
MN 1006The Crew Cuts: Whatever, wherever, whoever
The Crew Cuts: The Angelus
MN 1007Sil Austin: Seven days in Barcelona
Sil Austin: Pretend
MN 1008Dick Contino: Two loves have I
Dick Contino: Pledge of love
MN 1009Marie Knight: Am I reaching for the Moon
Marie Knight: I’m the little fooler
MN 1010Nick Noble: Mom oh mom
Nick Noble: Autumn concerto
MN 1011The Diamonds: Faithful and true
The Diamonds: Little darlin’
MN 1012The Platters: I’m sorry
The Platters: He’s mine
MN 1013Georgia Gibbs: You’ve got to see mama ev’ry night
Georgia Gibbs: Silent lips
MN 1014Ralph Marterie og hans orkester: Pop corn
Ralph Marterie og hans orkester: Tequila
MN 1015The Voxpoppers: Wishing for your love
The Voxpoppers: The last drag